Below you will find the feedback from my customers reposted from my Upwork profile.

Thank you all, it was a pleasure to help you.

Various devops/development related tasks

Jan 2021

Pavel and I have worked on past projects and it’s always positive. He has exceptional technical skills and is very professional. We will continue to use him.

1) create live cd for centos 8 based on the work done prior for centos 7 and ubuntu 18.04

2) write scripts for both ubuntu and centos versions to automate the creation of custom packages that will be installed through the live cd creation process of our prior work.

Mobile proxies management system

Dec 2020

Pavel is very professional and dedicated. I contacted him for a critical problem regarding web, proxy and CLI programming. He was able to figure out the problem. The whole process from problem proposal to solution offering takes less than 24 hours. Thank you for your work and fast availability
Peter Fasogbon (PhD)

Develop a CLI based system for 4g proxies management.

Scripts to Create Customizable minimal LiveCD images for Ubuntu and Centos

Aug 2020

I’ve used Pavel before, and I’ll continue to do so in the future. He’s an A player for sure. I highly recommend him.

2 sets of deliverables will include the following for an ubuntu 18.04 os and a centos 7 os Live CD:

-scripts used to build each Live CD release which will also include removal of non-essential packages. the goal is to enable network connectivity functionality as a client and not a server.
-no gui’s installed – this is a headless, minimal linux instance
-the build process should allow for the additional of other packages before “sealing” it as a live CD
-iso image to use as a base. Note that the iso used must permit UEFI boot.
-images will be VM’s that will be able to run under VMWare Worstation
-scripts to seal the image as a live cd and generate an iso image

Repair proxy server

Aug 2020

Very fast as always, great job, thanks.

Repair proxy server, that after update does not recognize dongle

Help me fix my Squid.conf file to have different ports for different users

Jun 2020

Helped me configure my squid.conf file in a way that no one else managed to. I tried every stack exchange and a few freelancing sites and he was the only one who could solve this. Recommended.

I have a pretty basic squid configuration on a Linux machine where Squid listens to multiple ports, I want to change my config so that each port has it’s own user and other users can’t log in.

Setup Caddy V2 to handle vanity domains with SSL for our app

Jun 2020

Pavel is extremely knowledgeable and fast, he can figure things out on his own. I would rehire him anytime when needed.

I’m looking for someone to set up a reverse proxy using caddy v2 for an app we have.
our app handles custom subdomains for our customers and we added custom domains / vanity domain, but we can’t handle SSL yet, and we have been recommended to use caddy for this.

Automate Debian Linux Networking

May 2020

I am looking for Scripting and System Configuration for a Debian Linux (Buster) Distribution running on Raspberry Pi (A+, Pi Zero W). The Host (Raspberry Pi 3A+) and the Slave (Raspberry Pi Zero W) will be connected using g-ether on the Host and via USB Gadget Mode on the Slave. Both the Host and the Slave are running Avahi. This project will consist of Two Deliverables.

The first deliverable is a Script to set up the following (at boot and on-going) on the Host: On Detection, assign USB0 a valid IP Address (IPv4) and start network (IPTABLES) NAT Forwarding from the subnet assigned to USB0 with a destination of wlan0 (it is not a requirement it use WLAN0 as long as it can use WLAN0 or ETH0). On disconnection of USB0, disable NAT and Forwarding from Subnet.

The second deliverable is a Script to set up the following (at boot and on-going) on the Slave: on the Slave assign an IP Address (IPv4) to USB0 within the subnet of the IP Address assigned to USB0 on the Host. Add a Static Route on the Slave pointing to the IP Address of USB0 on the Host as the Default Gateway.

Expanding FS & fix renewal of ssl

May 2020

  • Expanding FS to entire disk : only on server 2
  • renew & fix renewal of ssl on both servers

Nagios: Core Master & Remote Slave Behind NAT architecture and configuration

May 2020

  • The project is for creating a Nagios configuration to be implemented on a cloud Nagios Core (master) with multiple Nagios Slaves in different locations behind a firewall (NAT).
  • The cloud master is installed on AWS EC2 and all slaves are installed on a Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Slaves are checking the health of services in a remote location, mainly HTTP + PING + DNS.
  • The slave nodes are behind a firewall so ideally, the communication will go from the slave -> to the master nagios in the cloud (push, not pull).

High prioritize traffic up to 4 devices in openwrt router

May 2020

He is awesome technically and very fast to deliver the tasks, hopefully will work soon

Need to high prioritize internet traffic up to 4 devices in openwrt router

Need to setup a proxy server

Apr 2020

I have a list of 1000 proxies that are IP authenticated however I can only use it on one IP at a time. Would it be possible to setup a proxy server on a service such as Google cloud so that I could use user:pass authentication?

Squid Proxy IP & User Authentication

Apr 2020

Loved his work! Fast and to the point.

Create a script that adds multiple squid instances to a single server.

  • Runs multiple squid instances
  • Installs squid onto the server
  • Adds extra IP’s to the Squid instance via a .txt file
  • IP Authentication (Single IP per instance pulled from a file)
  • Connects an instance to the IP authenticated
  • Easy squid restart/reconfigure
  • Different port for each instance (i.e. an instance has 25 IP’s but 1 single port)

OpenVPN Setup on AWS

Mar 2020

We would like to setup a VPN System (Currently OPENVPN – but open to ideas) for:

  1. Office Users to Connect remotely on Laptop/Desktop/Mobile phone to our Application (All are hosted in VPC on AWS)
  2. Can be configured in Home Router to drive traffic to dedicated country (For NETFLIX etc.)

Linux servers configuration ( CDN )

Mar 2020

Very responsive, fast and highly professional! I definitely will hire Pavel again.

  • OpenVPN
  • Ngnix
  • Monitoring + alerting;
  • Security;
  • Firewall configuration, iptables;

implement auto-detection of original gateway.

Mar 2020

Excellent work yet again by Pavel. Appreciated his quick and thorough coding skills.

I’m seeking assistance to autodetect original gateway via uci to use in openwrt script. Also looking to scale client/server by one more number.

test scalability of wireguard

Mar 2020

Kudos once again to Pavel. expeditious work!

I will require the ability to run multiple iterations of the previous setup. Please provide an example of two isolated networks running at the same time via the same VM.

WireGuard chained vpn setup

Mar 2020

Pavel was able to successfully create an example network and explain the routing required. Kudos to you, and I hope to work with you in the future.

Looking for medium level Systems Engineering specialist. I require a three device network that uses a middle man to connect two vpn clients together. Once the clients are connected together, i want to use the far side’s wan to access the internet.

NFS server issue on Proxmox

Mar 2020

Really greate work. Thanks!

Since some days we have issues with my nfs backup shares.
We host servers in two datacenters: FRA1 and FRA2. On every datacenter we have a nfs backup server and a proxmox cluster.
Both nfs servers are mounted on each proxmox cluster for local and remote backups.
On FRA1 proxmox cluster I have issues with both NFS servers (FRA1-NFS1 and FRA2-NFS2).
After adding the storage via proxmox UI OR mounting manuelly with “mount -t nfs ….” the nfs mount seems to be working good.
But after some minutes, the share hangs.
I am not longer able to access the shares with “cd /mnt/share” or check then with “df -h”.

route all traffic from one Linux machine through another with separate vpn connections on each

Mar 2020

Pavel’s great! Was able to complete the task and go beyond the original scope with no problem. Got to it and got it done – perfect! He’s definitely a star player.

1) iptable rules to route all traffic from on linux server on the internet to another on the internet
2) iptable rules to the same as #1 but using 2 vdi’s on vmware workstation 15
3) nested vpn tunneling on the Internet:
-all traffic from linux A gets pushed through linux B
-linux B connects to vpn server B to create vpn tunnel B
-linux A connects to vpn server A through vpn tunnel B to created a nested tunnel of linux A’s traffic through vpn tunnel A which is inside of vpn tunnel B
-vpn B creates a tunnel
4) iptable rules to the same as #3 but using 2 vdi’s on vmware workstation 15

Get LetsEncrypt auto-renew SSL certificate working with certbot

Mar 2020

Thank you so much, never seen a task completed so quickly!

I currently have an EC2 server which hosts a WordPress website. We initially installed a LetsEncrypt certificate on there which has now expired.

I would like to renew the certificate and set it up so that it auto-renews using Certbot in the future.

Exim script

Mar 2020

Excellent work on Perl script. I am sure we will use this script for many years to come, so the ROI on the work will be insane. Great stuff and hope to work with you in the future.

Help setting up a Site 2 Site layer 2 VPN

Feb 2020

I have a Beaglebone Black (Debian) in a network with multiple devices. I have another Windows machine in a different network. I need to access the network of the Linux device as if the windows machine lives there. I need to be able to scan for devices and interact with them as the Windows Machine is in the Linux Machine network.

The OpenVPN server needs to be installed in a VPS. The client needs to be installed in the BBB and the other remote computer (Windows or Linux). This setup might need to be used for many tunnels simultaneously so we might need to run many instances of openvpn or you can suggest something different.

Install VPN on Linux server

Feb 2020

The task is to install a VPN on a server where a scraper (already built) is running.

The scraper provides an endpoint which we need to access to control the scraper. The VPN is needed to conceal the origin of the scraper when it accesses the target website.

Even when the VPN is running, the endpoint to access the scraper needs to be accessible by URL.

We have a subscription to NordVPN and will provide you with the creds.

At the moment, the scraper is running on a linux server via Caprover.
To make it clear: at the end of the project, you need to provide a server which is accessible by a URL or IP address which is independent of the VPN and its outbound traffic to the target site is via the VPN.

Squid Proxy Professional Consultation

Feb 2020

Freelancer must develop a special configuration method for contractor that can continue to be used by the contractor on other servers after the job is done.

Freelancer will check a squid proxy server with centos provided by contractor and figure out how contractor can assign unique u/p to every IP binded to each server. This way, every u/p will not be able to be used all the IPs on the server. Instead, it is only one u/p per IP. u/p must be random (ex. n2ibsje:n37bhf2). Also, freelancer must figure out how to extract this same freshly created unique IP u/p list on to a file that it can be copied by contractor to paste on other windows.

After freelancer figures out how this will be done on contractor’s server, freelancer will provide instructions on how the contractor will apply this same method by himself in the future.


Jan 2020

We need to setup a SMTP relay under WHM/EXIM. We did the configurations but we are getting errors

Setup a Proxy Network from multiple 4G dongles

Jan 2020

I am looking for someone who could help me setup a Proxy Network.

I am a little bit technical, and understand everything in abstract.

What I need is to generate a proxy from a sim card 4G internet, like a personal hotspot. Maybe a raspberry pi + multiple dongles connected with multiple USB’s? Something like that.

Squid project

Jan 2020

The work is to create a script that operate on a server with X subnets, for that subnets we would like to give a user like Y proxies divided from the subnets pool in a random way, before choosing the proxies i would like that the script asks if i want to use also already used ips or not, then for each one of those i would like to have a random port, random user and random password. At the end of the process all has to be printed in a txt file. If possible, that auth have to be an expiration and to get a dashboard.

Developer to create a Postfix bash script to MySQL

Dec 2019

We need someone to write a bash script that parses incoming emails received by Postfix MTA and create a new MySQL table entry for each email by separating these fields:

-Message ID
-Reply To

You must have your own server to work on and provide me with the script you write. Ensure it is well documented and have the configuration variables in a separate file or at the top of the script

Tag linux base packages

Dec 2019

I have a spreadsheet with about 130k linux package names, i want to know if a package is a base package or not.
In the spreadsheet there is a column called “is base” if the package is the base package write “Yes” if not write “No”.
Provide some logical explanation to how the tagging was done.

AWS Setup – Sendy Install

Dec 2019

I need assistance completing the installation and setup of Sendy application on an Amazon AWS instance. The instance is setup with elastic IPs, but need to install Virualmin and Sendy to use as a subdomain of my site.

Exim4 tweak

Dec 2019
tweak our exim4.conf to prevent remote transport from using spamassassin

Install SpamAssassin with Postfix as Smarthost on Ubuntu

Nov 2019

I am looking for an email expert to install and configure SpamAssassin to work with Postfix.
The OS is Ubuntu.
I would also need a small documentation at the end how to test (function) the system. I would also need to know how to keep SpamAssassin updated in future.
I would provide an ssh login to the Ubuntu system. The entire system is in production. Downtime should be no longer than 30 minutes.

4g proxies

Nov 2019

This is what we need:

  • Auto Script for Setup (1 command)
  • Fix Socks5 Port Forward
  • Fix SSH random bugs (not connecting, port 22 sometimes not working, random disconnect)

4g Setup Fix E3131

Nov 2019

Postfix consultant/developer to add extra TLS verification processing to mailflow

Nov 2019

We are looking for a custom postfix module that will perform additional TLS and certificate verification and mail flow processing beyond what is provided in the base Postfix software.

1) Detect recipient’s MTA support of TLS (i.e, TLSv1.2, TLSv1.3) with options for checking certificate authenticity at various levels (i.e., self-signed?, signed?, valid trust? expired?, revoked?, CN/SNI mismatch to HELO and/or domain name of server?)

2) Depending upon a set rule for a given sender domain and/or user, send the queued email to one of several postfix instance for actual delivery. These are some examples of potential policies:
a) Sender allows and MTA provides TLSv1.2+ and any SSL cert then send to postfix-regular
b) Sender requires and MTA provides TLSv1.2+ and a fully authenticated and signed cert then send to postfix-secure
c) Sender requires but MTA does not provide TLSv1.2+ and a signed cert then send to postfix-portal)

create proxy script

Nov 2019

Great developer, with lots of knowledge, higly recomended!

I need you to create a proxy script that can create trough the APIs of my desired cloud provider instances that will be running as proxies (user:pw auth too is preferred).

Need someone to setup IPv4 proxies on linux

Nov 2019

Outstanding job done again from Pavel! Recommend anyone that needs configuration for networking related jobs.

Linux Mail configuration

Sep 2019

Multiple Linux configurations on operating system and mail applications.

Linux scripting to automate creation Samba shares on USB sticks

Sep 2019

I asked Pavel to write a service to run under a specific Ubuntu distribution. He completed the job successfully and in the time schedule I needed. There were some issues that arose with a specific filesystem, and he was very helpful in addressing those as well. I would definitely recommend Pavel to anyone looking for a sysadmin scripting expert, as he has very good knowledge and is also easy to work with. I hope to work with him again in the future, myself.

The goal is to have a collection of scripts to automate the process of mounting a USB drive with ExFAT or NTFS file system on insertion, then creating a SAMBA share with the same name as the drive label. The scripts will also need to handle the removal of the SAMBA share if the drive is removed. Ideally the scripts would run on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.


  1. Detect USB drive insertion
  2. Mount USB drive appropriately (recommended as /mnt/LABEL where LABEL is the drive label)
    -Handle drives with the same names by adding a number afterwards, such as 2 or 3 to indicate the 2nd or 3rd drive with the same name
  3. Create the Samba share, using the same name as the LABEL
  4. Watch for USB drive removal every 10 seconds, and remove the Samba share if the drive is removed.

Fix Lets Encrypt

Sep 2019

Automatic Lets Encrypt for thousands of domains.

Setting squid with authentification by mysql

Aug 2019

I need to configure Squid on linux and associate it with mysql. The database will be stored for each user:

  • login: pass
  • IP – external IP (it will also be the IP through which the user will connect)
  • port by which it can connect to the proxy
  • allowed hosts (json_array), forbidden hosts (json_array) – respectively, the url of the sites to which user are allowed to connect and to which are not. Priority is allowed, forbidden works only if allowed host is empty
  • speed – speed limit (Mb / s)
    !!! Important !!! : adding/removing users from DB works without restarting squid. SARG is not needed.

Help us redirect website visitors (based on countries)

Jul 2019

Pavel has a very comprehensive understanding of web servers. He is your go to guy anything Apache/Linux.

We have a websites that receives traffic from all over the world. We want to redirect traffic from visitors filling certain criteria (e.g. Browser, Browser Version, Desktop/mobile, Direct Session/Search Engine, Operating System Version, City, Region, Screen Resolution, Hour of the day)

We have more than 20 sites currently under our management. We would need different settings for each. We will do a trial for 1 site and move onto others if successful.

We are looking for an ongoing expert that can work on a piece wise basis.

Server Administrator: Fix Latency

Jul 2019

Great freelancer – knows all about linux servers!

I am running a dedicated server on Linux.
We have experienced considerable delays accessing all sites and even Plesk panel every 7-15minutes. It is presumed this may be a cron or other background task running on the server periodically that is causing this issue.

We request the following:

  • Server health check.
  • Monitor all server traffic & activity within 2hrs period.
  • Identify and resolve the cause of delay we are experiencing.
  • Provide recommendations on server health

renew ssl

Jul 2019

Fix – Centos server disconnecting constantly

Jul 2019

Very knowledgeable and expert on the top. Fixed my server ip issues quickly. Will hire again for future!

My centos7 server hosted with DigitalOcean cannot stay online for more than a few minutes before disconnection from online. I have to use $sudo /etc/init.d/network restart to reconnect, but it will only stay online for a few minutes.

Using Cpanel running wordpress.

Resize Linode disk

Jul 2019

Excellent experience. I had a server issue and Pavel fixed it in minutes. So refreshing. Highly recommended!

I have a PHP website that needed an upgrade to both PHP and Laravel.<…>
Now I want to resize my disc/monthly plan from 2GB back to 1GB. <..>

System Admin needed for setting up Squid Proxy

Jul 2019

Pavel did a very good job finishing this task. Would hire again 10/10!

Hi there!
I’m currently searching for a bit of help setting up a few proxies.
I currently have a few 4g dongles (Huawei K5160) connected to a Linux machine and I’d like to set them up as proxy using squid. I’ve successfully made one work using a vpn that unlocks ports and it worked fine. Although now I’d like to make a few other ones on the same machine.
You should be able to:

  • setup multiple gateways on the linux machine
  • balance the load: connect every dongle to a seperate openvpn connection using the certificate I give you
  • setup squid proxy for each of them on the same machine using username and pass authentication
  • document every step so I can replicate on other machines

Create ipv6 proxy & 6to4 tunneling on linux server

Jul 2019

Absolutely fantastic and excellent freelancer, he created a solution for my requirement in a very simple fashion in which I could configure it without hard knowledge on anything, a simple yet sophisticated solution for my project. He have great communications skills as well and always reply to messages when he’s around.
I would like to advise those that require networking specific jobs to be done to engage this freelancer!

I’m looking for someone who is proficient in linux (Any OS) which would be able to setup IPv6 proxies for me. I’ll have access to 3x /48 IPv6 subnets which has 60,000+ (/64 blocks), each of the /48 IPv6 would be creating 200 proxies (one proxies from one /64) each.

The proxies will need to be using IPv4 IP:PORT to use a tunneling (Using 6to4 method), because the tools and website that I’m using require HTTPS format to be able to use the IPv6 proxies. The IPv4 IPs will only act as a tunnel, but however in whois and etc it should show the IPv6 proxies IP.

Create ZeroTier network that will allow physical devices join it without ZeroTier application.

4.70 Jun 2019

Pavel has completed the given task. Everything works as per request. He is highly experienced. I would recommend him for similar jobs.

I have devices on the network that can not install ZeroTier client, hence they can’t join ZT network. If it is possible i would like to have a ZT virtual machine that acts like a bridge and will connect my physical network with the ZT network.

Devices can join the ZT network without the ZeroTier App. Additional VM, VM-OpenWRT can be created in order to make this happen. This should act like a big L2 network in ‘internet’.

Expert Linux Network Administrator required for VPN and proxy server work

Jun 2019

Excellent network administrator. Did the job quickly and professionally. Will hire again!

The task entails integrating current VPN server setup with a 3rd party CDN peerp-to-peer network using their APIs. The idea is to forward all traffic using sniproxy from our VPN server to the CDN nodes.

Expert knowledge if sniproxy, DNS, DNSMASQ, HTTPS, SSL, TLS, DNAT, IPTables, and VPN is required. You will need to familiarise yourself with the JSON API of the 3rd party CDN together with our VPN server setup which is on CentOS 6.x 64 bit before integrating the two together. You will need to coordinate the integration with network engineers from the CDN provider and they will assist in this process.

Simple Ansible Script to setup EC2 machine

Jun 2019

Delivered exactly what we where looking for in almost no time. Thank you and we will hire again!

Looking for somebody experienced on Ansible and AWS being able to provide a good designed script to do the following:

  • Create Ansible skeletion (roles, vars, etc)
  • Create ec2 instance based on ubuntu
  • Register instance at route53
  • create a user/group
  • Install java8
  • Install Apache ActiveMQ in /opt and register as service
  • Download tar file (link will be provided) and unpack in /opt Further contracts will be assigned if satisfied (install ELK stack, cluster, different stages, …)

Fix Postfix SMTP timeout exceeded error

Jun 2019

Pavel analyzed the issue and suggested a couple pinpoint adjustments which, in combination with our own measures, have successfully resolved the problem.

We have a Debian Linux server with postfix+dovecot which however frequently produces a “SMTP timeout exceeded” error when Thunderbird is trying to send mail on my desktop/laptop. Looking for a sharp Linux sysadmin very familiar with postfix to investigate and fix it.

HAProxy setup for SSL termination with CertBot. Require knowledge of Linux account security.

Jun 2019

Very good Linux knowledge. Work completed on time and within budget without any issues.

We have a non-virtual dedicated Linux server in the UK. We have Apache running and showing a web on HTTP. We also have an SSL certificate provided by CertBot. Now we need a documented process implementing HAProxy configuration so that port 443 is enabled and port 80 is only internal. So we need two things – 1st is HAProxy config setup and 2nd is a documented repeatable process for our other servers.

Ubuntu Pre-seed file generation + iso image generation

May 2019

Very knowledgeable. Went above and beyond to complete the task well before time. Really happy to work with you.

Generate a unattended install – preseed iso image using the following conditions.

Need to write a script which accepts the following as parameter.
1. Host name
2. Pub Key file
3. Zero tier(www.zerotier.com) network id
4. Wifi SSID/password/type
5. Must install and connect to Zero tier using the provided network id.
6 Reduce the grub timeout to 5 secs.

STEP 1 – Generates UBUNTU 18.04 preseed/ubiquity file for mate-desktop environment.

STEP 2 – Generate iso/image from preseed file usable in USB/win32disk manager.

STEP 4 – Test/Deploy

Configure Redsocks and iptables to route VPN traffic

Apr 2019

Pavel is great to worth with and highly recommended

We have a VPN server and want to route traffic through a HTTPS proxy
However we also need this to be dynamic for each user.

OpenVPN Setup

Feb 2019

This is the second time we worked together on another task. He is probably the best person I’ve worked again. Once again, super dedicated to job, worked tirelessly and let me say this, he is a true linux wizard. True professional here.

Wireguard VPN Setup

Feb 2019

Pavel is super dedicated and it was a pleasure to do business with him.

Need help setting up a 2 node Kubernetes cluster over Wireguard VPN

Feb 2019

Awesome to work with

Background: I have VPS servers setup on AWS. I can do a full and working installation of Kubernetes and I can do a full and working installation of wireguard. The problem is I can’t get them to work together. Whenever I try to route Kubernetes over wireguard and try to join the cluster from the second VPS with the join command it times out and kubelet keeps throwing errors of node “hostname_of_vps” not found. Task: I would like someone with a proper working knowledge of Kubernetes networking to simply look at the setup and let me know what I am doing wrong. We can do this over skype or gotomeeting. Deliverable: A working Kubernetes cluster that properly routes traffic over the Wireguard VPN

setup auto-renew ssl

Oct 2018

Pavel is a linux wizard

multi IP system & port_forwarding

Oct 2018

If I could give Pavel 10 stars – I would have. The best contractor I have ever worked with.

HA-Proxy automation

Aug 2018 – Oct 2018

thank you Pavel for your work!

Set up & test an exim + dovecot mailserver

Sep 2018

Went great!

Create custom login page serving DNS server

Sep 2018

Pavel’s communication was straight and to the point, helped us evaluate the viablity of the project. Extra points for valuing honesty over getting more work, thanks Pavel.

Update php version to the latest and reset cpanel password

Sep 2018

Fast and reliable. Many Thanks

Redundant Mail Server Setup

Aug 2018 – Sep 2018

He did the job in time. Everything was completed as requested. He even needed less hours then promised. We are very happy and highly recommend working with him!

Setup Double OpenVPN server

Aug 2018 – Sep 2018

Fantastic freelancer for all OpenVPN requirements.

rotating proxy set up

Aug 2018

Super fast, super communicative, super flexible to small changes in scope. All in all a great experience and we will be back for more!

Configure VPS with several IPs

Aug 2018

Pavel did a perfect job in a very short time. Exactly what was required, was provided with some extras to test that everything that was set, it was set properly. He is very skilled and profesional. Really recommended!!!

Setup complex vpn

Aug 2018

Finished before deadline, did what was required. Really really happy and will most definitely use from now on for any VPN related issues.

Setup Double OpenVPN server

Aug 2018

Fantastic person to work with, very fast and great at solving complex problems and solutions.

Help install Nginx for a Rails application, register a certificate using ‘Let’s Encrypt’, setup DNS

Aug 2018

Pavel quickly setup HTTPS certificates for the desired site, configured the site’s DNS to work with a new AWS elastic IP, and configured a reverse proxy using NGinx. All tasks were completed to satisfaction.

Proxy repaire

Aug 2018

Config Squid/Iptables

Aug 2018

Super Professional.
Advanced knowledge in Linux.
Met our needs 100%.
I hope to do more work with him.
Highly recommend.

OpenVPN simultaneous connection configuration

Aug 2018

Great job, punctual and delivered the solution exceptionally quick.

In openvpn setup, want to forward specified client traffic to the another client.

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018

Apply Let’s Encrypt automatically to all our existing and future hosted sites

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018

Pavel made a daunting task look easy in the way he handled and completed this project. He is very knowledgeable on the skills I required for this project and as a customer with technical background, I also learned things from him along the way. I will definitely engage Pavel in future projects.

NGINX Conf – Proxy Rules Setup (1-2 hours for someone who knows)

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018

PROXY SERVER 3g modems

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018

Very professional, top level! It was pleasure to work with Pavel. Highly recommended.

Exporting email content and setup configure with new client

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018

Pavel did a great job with our project and completed it exactly as outlined. I enjoyed working with him, would recommend him to others, and hope we have a chance to work together in the future

Ubuntu linux administration

4.05 Jul 2018

He has completed my job successfully.

fixing PLesk issues and WHM testin and SSL installation

Jul 2018

Thank you so much .. you are genius 🙂

Add https support to server

Jul 2018

Extreme linux sysadmin expert will save you time and communicates very well.

Convert Database to InnoDB

Jul 2018

Another fantastic job! Asked Pavel to convert my WordPress myISAM databases to InnoDB format as well as increasing the InnoDB pool size for greater efficiency. From the time I dropped him a request to actual completion, only 30 minutes had passed. Everything works perfectly after optimisation too.

Understand why telegraf isn’t collecting docker stats

Jul 2018

Very responsive and professional. Would recommend to anyone looking for DevOps solutions. Definitely on my list of freelancers to reach back out to for additional projects.

Help with Libreswan + 2 public IPs + Linux NAT/Routing

Jul 2018

Pavel was thorough, knowledgeable and communicative. I would definitely work with him again.

Quick AWS SSL Implementation

Jul 2018

Amazing work completed at the drop of a hat. Would definitely recommend.

WordPress Migration – Ubuntu VPS to another Ubuntu VPS, IP will change but domain name to be same

Jul 2018

Worked with Pavel to migrate a WordPress website currently hosted on Alibaba Cloud to Digital Ocean.

Everything was super smooth sailing – from walking through the process to execution. What I particularly liked was that Pavel let me see the staging site before it went live, and did a re-sync just before full migration. He also set up a reverse proxy on my old VPS to ensure zero downtime. Communication was superb – Pavel has an amazing ability for clarity and distilling complex thought into simple words.

A definite recommendation!

SSL Certificate Install

Jul 2018

Setup iRedMail server

4.65 Jul 2018

Was great working with Pavel. He solved the issue with my mail server within minutes. Will surely recommend him.

Change current digitalocean droplet to the latest unbuntu and add cpanel

Jul 2018

Thanks for the upgrade

Need a Perl expert to fix a regex bug in Swatchdog (open source log tool)

Jul 2018

Fantastic experience with Pavel. He was fast and knowledgeable. Highly recommended! Will use him for future projects as well.

My Droplet has woocommerce and 4 cron jobs running. Is taking more than 20GB! Need help to reduce

Jul 2018

Brilliant job. Super quick and very professional. Will definitely work with him again!

Upgrade to Plesk onyx and install SSL on 4 or 5 websites

Jul 2018

Pavel is one of a kind. So professional and great work quality. thanks will hire you again 🙂

I need a firewall vpn tunnel configured on my server

Jul 2018

Awesome guy to work with. He delivered in quick time.