About me

Hello, my name is Pavel, I am a freelance Linux system administrator. I have been working with Linux servers since 2005.

I provide various services associated with Linux servers, hosting, cloud solutions, automation, networking, e-mails, security, fine-tuning, and troubleshooting. You can find my most recent completed projects & customer feedback on the Testimonials page.

I have recently added a new service, so I can help you build your own 4G (mobile) proxy network. You can use 4G proxies for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and other sites. You would also be able to adapt and change your own residential proxy. You can visit this page for more information about how to make 4G proxies using only several items.

Services cost

Approximately 37 USD per hour depending on a project.

What, in my opinion, are the key components to success when working remotely for a client?

There are several keys to the success of each project. Quality comes first! I dedicate time to each client no matter how much they pay. Another key is to provide clear reports to stay on the same page with the client. Everything should be precise and straightforward – budget, goals, plans, time. One more key is the ability to switch attention between tasks and projects. I have great results working as a freelancer – since 2010 – and these words come from my actual experience.

What is my strategy for handling problems?

As a general rule, I do everything I can in case of a problem. If an issue isn’t something I can fix or improve – I communicate that directly to the client. If I can’t complete the task or make a mistake – I explain the situation and suggest ways to fix it and think of ways to prevent similar issues from happening in the future. Then I try to anticipate and avoid similar problems. Last but not least, if the problem is more technical, I treat it as a challenge!

Service order and payment process
  • send me your request with a description of what needs to be done via one of the communication channels below
  • we will negotiate the terms; the result will be an estimate of the cost of the work and the time of execution
  • the work is performed on the customer’s servers – no physical visit required
  • no international restrictions
  • no additional charges for the request assessment
  • payment is done in full after the work is completed, or in parts after the completion of each stage – either by transfer to a bank account or with a bank card payment
  • bank card payment and refund conditions are described here
Legal details, Payment, Public offer contract
  • name of the legal entity /IE: Petruk P.G. UNP 193363177 registration date 4.1.2020
  • the state authority that registered the legal entity /IE: Minsk City Executive Committee
  • legal address: Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Mogilevskaya street 4/1, build. 276, 220007
  • contact e-mail: p@piatruk.by
  • working hours: 12:00 – 20:00 Monday – Friday
  • Payment procedure (in Russian)
  • Public offer contract (in Russian)